Great design is the foundation for every memorable brand.

Katie Zeglin is a brand strategist, graphic designer and web developer based in Dallas, Texas. Her passion for design and her vision for future trends keep her clients ahead of the competition, maximizing their growth potential. Katie leads projects from inception and creative development to production and completion, providing strategic guidance and project management each step of the way.

Katie founded KT Design in 2011 with a special focus on small business collateral, including logo design, brochures and business cards. KT Design quickly evolved to include web design, coding and website development. As the firm’s small business clients grew and their operations matured, KT Design has become an integral part of their marketing departments, and in some cases, KT Design is the marketing department.

Today, KT Design continues to grow with the launch of our new online store featuring Katie’s hand-painted art and custom watercolor portraits. You can even rent art! Visit our new printables section to download Katie’s doodles for personal use and inspiration. Be sure to check out our new insights section where Katie draws upon her unique background as a brand strategist, designer, web developer and small business owner to offer real-world advice for both businesses and designers. And, of course, Katie’s still busy helping her clients build their brand identity through graphic design and web development.

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